I love software development and coding. My favorite language is Java, but I've also done some Delphi development and Python. I have some experience with Android, but mainly I've developed on Windows. I have basic skills on database programming.

More about me

I'm a reliable and passionate developer with emphasize on creating software that does what the users need it to do. I'm interested in usability and want to work in an agile way, using the latest methodologies. I can work in a team but am also able to work independently and remotely.

I was born in 1986 in Finland. I started my computer science studies on 2006 and finished on 2012. During 2010 I also started to work as a programmer.

I live in Kuopio with my fiance, dog and two cats. I'm interested in software development, game development (indie mainly), history and running.

Learning new things from different fields of expertise is inspiring.


Master of Science, University of Eastern Finland, 2012

Advanced Studies in Computer Science (Software Engineering), 93 credits, grading 4/5
Master's thesis | Assessment and improvement of the usability of electronic patient record systems, grading 4/5
Basic Studies in Cognitive Science, 25 credits, grading 3/5

Bachelor of Science, University of Eastern Finland, 2010

Introductory and Intermediate Studies in Computer Science (85 credits, grading 4/5)
Bachelor's thesis | Java ME Game Programming API, 2009, grading 5/5
Introductory Studies in Business Economics (26 credits, grading 2/5)
Elementary Studies in Psychology (25 credits, grading pass)


Suonentieto Oy 20.05.2013 - Present

Software developer: At Suonentieto I have been developing a desktop application using Delphi and Firebird.

CGI (Logica) 2010 - 17.05.2013

Programmer: Programming including Java, XSLT and Sap PI. I've done tasks from all parts of the application lifecycle, including specification, implementation, testing, documenting and maintenance.

EFI 16.05.2009 - 15.08.2009

Trainee (programming): I worked at the European Forest Institute with the ToSIA project doing programming and unit testing with Java fixing bugs and creating proper error messages to display to the users. I really enjoyed programming a Java SE application and working with the actual end users. The development was also small scale and it was possible to see changes done quickly and get user feedback.

KeyFor 11.03.2008 - 30.09.2008

Data conversion guy: I was doing basic data conversion tasks with NIMS.


Louhigames 9/2011 - Present

Game Developer: This is a hobby project for me and my friend, but we take it as a serious opportunity to improve our software developing skills. We use Java to make games that we would like to play by ourselves. We have serious issues issues to manage find the time for development but we have already released something playable and improve all the time. Check for more info.

Swan 4/2010 - 5/2011

Software Developer: I worked with Scientific Writing AssistaNt for a year doing programming and user interface design with Java, Swing and Stanford NLP tools. The tool is free to use and you can get it from the Swan home page. I really liked to be able to redesign the whole user interface, but I also learned that it isn't easy when the application has already been designed to work in a different way. Processing natural language is also hard but also interesting.


Master's thesis (2012) grading 4/5

Assessment and improvement of the usability of electronic patient record systems

Bachelor's thesis (2009) grading 5/5

Java ME Game Programming API

Work samples



A very simple todo-kind of application. This was my second Android application and I just wanted to make an app that could save and modificate data on the device. Mission accomplished and this is discontinued for now.


A simple application for Android to add a heart to your notification area. This was my first app for Android and taught me the basics.


Fly smashing game for cats. The third app I've done for Android. This time I wanted to get a glimpse what it would be to make a game for the platform. Fly smashing game seemed like a short enough project for that.



2D shooting game with JBox2D physics and Slick game library. We wanted to try what it would be to use a physics library in a game. I've wanted to make a 2D top-down shooter since the days of "Tapan kaikki 3" and now was the opportunity. To simplify the task we decided that the screen would not scroll but the game area would be very limited. That way we could make the gaming experience more intensive.

We have released one demo, but the development is on hold for now.



Scientific Writing AssistaNt - Evaluation tool for scientific texts. I coded this (as a part of a team) for over a year at the University of Eastern Finland. Go check it out on the website if you write scientific texts. The application is made using Java SE and the UI is pure Swing. The heuristics in the application come from the work of Jean-Luc LeBrun.


Tool for Path Finding Algorithm Testing An Applet to test path finding algorithms. Test the Applet online. Contact me if you would like to continue the project. ToPFAT is open source.



An application launching software for Windows. Supports hotkeys and launching websites too. Firesoft is open source. I made this mainly because I was forced to use Windows XP and I wanted to launch applications like in Windows 7.


Mobile Password Encryption Software Password encryption software for MIDP 2.0 phones (Java ME). MoPES is open source, but hardly the kind of code you should be learning from - this dates back to 2008-2009.