Arttu Viljakainen
This is me This is what I do And what I've done

How did it start?

Programming found me when I was on 8th grade or so, and now I'm a professional software developer. Funny how life goes. I started with Basic and Pascal and continued to Java. I've done some HTML/CSS stuff too, but very little C/C++. I've tried to use Python every once in a while.

Where am I?

Right now I live in Tampere and code Java for a living.

What interests me?

In addition to coding and computer science, I'm interested in history. I find the history of science and war history especially interesting. I would recommend you to read some Antony Beevor and Jared Diamond, if you are at least a bit interested on the subject. Oh and The Short History of Nearly Everything is pretty interesting book. The history of the inventions that we now have is not as boring as one might think.
I drink a lot of coffee and I'm learning to make proper espresso. Proper in a sense of normal people, not hard core coffee hobbyists.


Currently I'm working with a title of Software Engineer coding Java and all that stuff. Mostly I love, or at least like what I do and I very much plan to get better at it in the future. I'm investin a lot of time to become better because I think it's the best way to get the most out of the time you must spend to get a living.


I still do try to make games but the time has been non-existent lately. A nice little game idea hit me some time ago and I've been designing a small and simple Android game. One of these days I'll have the opportunity and energy and I'll code again.
I play CS:GO every once in a while, but I'm not very good at it and I might try to find another one to play. Clash of Clans and Boom Beach have been keeping me busy on the mobile although I'm starting to lose interest on Clash.


I'm currently (still) reading A Short History of Nearly Everything. It's a fascinating book of how we know what we now know and how the information was gathered and so on. One of the most interesting books I've read.


Well I'm going to... Very soon I'll start... I'm planning... If I had the time...
I bicycle to work 11 km every day, it must do it for now.

Study history

I have a master's degree on computer science from the University of Eastern Finland.

Work history

I did my time working for CGI, or Logica as it was called back in those days. I enjoyed there from 2010 to 2013 when I took an opportunity and switched to Suonentieto to see what working is like in a small company. In the end I only worked there for a bit over a year - it became evident that we'll need to move to a bigger city from Kuopio.